Thursday, March 22, 2012

Spa Weekend At Great Wolf Lodge

Great Wolf Lodge is known for being a great indoor water park, but it has lots more to offer guests. One of the other activities that guests can try during their stay at the lodge is the spa, in fact, some people may visit the lodge just to have a cool spa weekend while their kids swim. The great thing about Wolf Lodge it that the resort has a separate spa just kids too.

After a long car ride or plane ride to Great Wolf Lodge, tired parents will be ready to relax at the spa located next to the lodge. The noise level at the spa is relaxing generally because the spa is in its own building. Parents do not have to worry about their kids safety as they relax during their spa weekend because the resort has lifeguards to watch them as they swim.

spa weekend
I love peticures

To enjoy your spa day, you need to know a few things. One of the most important things you need to know is never show up too late. It is ok to arrive around 10 minutes late; if this happens, call and let the staff know. Generally, arriving extra early is a good thing at most spas because spas offer stuff to keep their guests happy until their appointment time. Spas offer things like refreshing drinks with lemons in them while relaxing music within the lounge plays. The lounge has spa like temperatures, which gets customers in the mood for their spa day. If you, however, have to cancel for some reason, make sure you know the spas cancellation policies before you book yourself for a spa weekend.

Spas are a place to relax, and because of this, do not bring your cell phone during your visit. Leaving your cell phone and other blue tooth devices at the hotel shows good manners. When it comes to talking with others at the spa, that is ok, but you have to talk in a soft tone. Other things you may want to leave at your home or the hotel are cigarettes and strong perfumes. Some people may be allergic to perfume scents, which makes it tough for them relax at the spa.

After you have received your massage, you should leave a tip at the reception desk. It is best to leave cash, however, other forms of payment may be accepted as well. If you get massages from more than one therapist, just leave two separate tips at the desk. Overall, if you arrive on time and have good manners, your spa weekend will be fantastic.

Spa Weekend To Relax


Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Wolf Lodge Kansas Wolf Lodge Indoor Water Park

Kansas is a nice place to take a short vacation during the winter or the summer. The city has lots of attractions such as fantastic a indoor water park with cool water slides at a resort called Wolf Lodge. Wolf Lodge’s water slides are some of the best around for one good reason, it is indoors. Wolf Lodge has many resorts in many states, however, there are some cool things that makes this particular resort different from the others.

Great Wolf Lodge’s indoor water park has lots of fun activities that families love, because when they leave, they always have a smile on their faces. The reason for this is the staff, they are very nice at this particular lodge. They help guests when they check in by making sure that everyone has what they need. The staff also lets kids get in the pool and use the water slide before their rooms are ready.

indoor water park
This place is great for fish.

The rooms at Great Wolf Lodge are ideal for families due to the room setup; the suites have bunk beds that are not close to the adult beds. This is great because if you have noisy kids who do not like to go to bed a night, you can still sleep in peace away from them. As for the overall room, it is excellent, but there is one thing that some people may find inconvenient, it’s the television. The television in the rooms are the old models, not the types that are mostly used today. Guests can still enjoy their favorite shows, but it just will not look as good.

The number one reason why families visit this Wolf Lodge location is for their kids. This resort has lots of neat stuff for them to enjoy. The main attraction at Wolf Lodge is the swimming pool and the water slides. What’s cool about the pools is that the staff keeps the water temperature pleasant. It is never too warm, and it is never too cold, which is why kids loving taking swims all the time at this indoor water park. Besides the pool, there are other things kids will like, such as the Jungle Gym. Little kids will love the jungle gym and parents too because it keeps kids active. Another cool activity kids will love is the animal stuffing booth. They will get to pick their animal and build it the way they want. Kids who are a little older may enjoy the Kids Club at bit more because they will get a chance to make new friends.

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Friday, March 2, 2012

Days Out With Kids At Wolf Lodge Grand Mound

If you plan to visit Great Wolf Lodge in Great Mount, you will have fun days out with kids at a cool water park. Some people even visit through the week. All of the rides and the swimming pools are excellent for kids and grownups. There are a few things that people may find negative about this location, but overall, any kid that visits will have a blast.



Great Wolf Lodge in Great Mount has lots of great food, however, some people think that it is expensive. The great thing about the food is that it is very good and kids will love it, but if you are on a budget, consider bringing some of your own food. The rooms have lots of cool kitchen gadgets that will help you cook meals for everyone. A microwave is included in the rooms, so bring microwave dinners.  Microwave dinner saves money when spending days out with kids. You can store them in the fridge until you are ready to eat them. You can also go out to eat because there are many restaurants in the surrounding area that offer cool food.

days out with kids
I love sodas

As for the park itself, it has lots of cool water slides that are huge, even though the resort itself is one of Great Wolf Lodge’s smaller locations, which means it is a nice spot for spending days with kids who do not like walking.  Big water slide means that kids get to slide from up high and hit the pool at a high speed. Big slides, however, are not the only slides at this park, there are small slides as well for the smaller kids. Kids will want to spend all day swimming, and that is not a bad thing because the staff keeps the building at a decent temperature, so everyone stays comfortable. The best thing about the staff is the great lifeguards who are on duty. Parents like the fact that they can let there kids play in the pool, and they can go other places knowing that their kids are safe swimming in the pool. Out of all the pools, the only pools the small kids should not try is the wave pool. The wave pool has lots of waves, and it is used by surfers who want to enjoy surfing indoors. If a kid knows how to surf, they should try it, if not, it is best to take surfing lessons first.  Spending days out with kids is not fun if one of them gets hurt.

Great Wolf Lodge is a cool resort that is geared towards kids, but there are some things that grownups will love too. The hot tub is fantastic; many parents like to use it at the end of a long day. The staff keeps that temperature of the water warm.

The rooms at the resort are very clean; the only problem is that some rooms are close to a subway, so keep this in mind when booking your room. The noise from the trains that go by might wake up light sleepers, so bring a pair of noise canceling headphones if you are a light sleeper.  Sleeping is important because rest is needed when spending days out with kids.

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Friday, February 17, 2012

One Of The Best Indoor Water Parks In Ohio

The city of Mason Ohio has some very cold winters. At Wolf Lodge, however, there are people taking swims and diving into pool during the winter. The reason why people are doing this in the winter is because Great Wolf Lodge is one of the best indoor water parks in Ohio.

This resort gets very crowded from time to time, but that does not mean that your stay there will not be fun and enjoyable, you just have to come prepared. For starters, if you plan to sit by the swimming pool, you have to reserve your seats early in the morning. Speaking of the pool, some people think that the towels are small, so it helps to bring a few of your own towels.

indoor water parks in ohio
I love swimming during the winter

The rooms at this Great Wolf Lodge location are great, however, there are some things you need to know. The Wolf Lodge resorts are geared towards kids, so there will be lots of kids there.  Other indoor water parks in Ohio might have less kids, but overall resort will not be as great as Wolf Lodge.  During the night, sometimes they make lots of noise running up and down the halls. The resort has a quiet policy, but the staff sometimes does nothing about the noise levels, so bring ear plugs if you are a light sleeper who likes to go to bed early. Another thing worth mentioning about the rooms is the smoke detector, it blinks brightly at night, which can be a problem for some people.

Kids will love all the pool water slides and all the attractions offered this location. Grownups will love the pools areas too, but there are other things for grownups as well besides the pools; one of the most popular things offered is the spa. The spa costs around $100, which is pretty pricey, but you will leave the spa feeling great.

Wolf Lodge’s Mason surrounding area also has golf courses, so if you like golf, you should check it out.  Overall, if you are looking for indoor water parks in Ohio. Wolf Lodge is worth checking out.

Indoor Water Parks In Ohio Besides Wolf Lodge

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Great Wolf Lodge Concord Activites For Kids

Wolf Lodge’s Concord location has great pools and fun activities for kids; there is lots of fun to be had at this resort. Like all Great Wolf Lodge parks, each one has something different and unique. When kids leave this particular location, they will leave very happy.There are lots of rooms at Concord's location, and all of them are great, however, you still need to pack some important things to make your stay a great one. The rooms at the resort are nice, but there is a small problem, which may be a bit of trouble for light sleepers. In the rooms, there is a heating and cooling unit, and when it turns on and turns off, it makes lots of noise, which can wake up light sleepers. A good way to solve this problem is by getting some ear plugs. You also might want to bring your own pillow, because some guests think that the pillows in the rooms are a bit hard. Speaking of the rooms, if size and space is something you need, you should consider checking into the Wolf Den. For the most part, you will not want to leave the resort area, especially the children, thanks to all the great activities for kids the resort offers.  But if you choose to see the sites of the city, you should know that if you do, you might not get a good parking spot when you get back, so walking or taking a bus might be a better option.

activities for kids
What a nice friend

Great Wolf Lodge’s Concord location happens to be one of their biggest resorts. Because of this, you are going to need to wear a good pair of walking shoes. When you find some sort of slide you want to try, make sure you use it correctly. If you decide to lay down and hit the pool face first, keep in mind that there is a chance that you could pull at muscle, so bring some pain meds.  As for the kids, they will love the slides and the pools, and they will be well taken care off because there are always lifeguards on duty.

Food is also sold at the resort, and prices varies depending on what you get. Breakfast cost $25 adults and it is $15 for kids. Speaking of breakfast, the coffee may be good to your tastes or it might not, so bring you own just in case. Other meal options are great too, such as the buffet, which it is $20 per person. There are lots of kid friendly food choices for kids too, such as ice cream, but sometimes the line is long just to get it, and you have to get in another line to pay for it.

Concord has attractions outside of Wolf Lodge such as the house of author Louisa May Alcott and the Minute Men National History Park. These places might not have activities for kids, but they will still enjoy visiting these places.

Activities For Kids Who Want To Have Fun

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Great Wolf Lodge Water Grapevine Texas Attractions

Great Wolf Lodge vacations are great, no matter what location you choose. This park has a lot to offer, and it is really worth a visit; Texas attractions do not get any better than this. Texas is a hot place, so cooling off in the swimming pool while inside a building is a nice way to spend a day, or even a entire weekend.

Anytime is a fantastic time to visit Great Wolf Lodge if you are hot and need to cool off. If you want to spend time at this wonderful park when it is not as crowded, consider visiting early in the morning or late in the afternoon. You also might want to consider going on weekends as well. Requesting any room can be good for some people, but it helps to get a room on one of the higher floors. The reason for this is simple; the lower room floors are closer to the noise and activities, so if you are a light sleeper and would like to sleep peaceful, get a room on the 7 floor or higher. If you like space, one of the biggest rooms is the Grand Bear suite. Here is the best thing about this place that some Texas attractions do not offer, guests can take a swim once they arrive, even if the room is not ready yet.

Great Wolf Lodge has lots of great food, and one of their stand out items if their pizza. Kids love the pizza sold at this park. If you don’t want to eat pizza all the time, there are lots of other foods offered at the lodge, however, eating at these places can gets expensive. The room have a fridge, so bringing food from home is a nice way to keep some cash in your pocket.  A microwave is also available in the rooms, so bringing some microwave meals is an option too.

texas attractions
Do not mess with Texas

The pool and the activities at this Great Wolf Lodge are great. Indoor Texas attractions like this resort's pool is so great kids never want to leave. Kids will love the pool, but keep in mind that some of the other activities will cost extra. One of the free activities is story time, which happens at 8:00 for kids. Robotic animals read the stories to the children, and they love it. But it when comes down to it, the main reason why people come to Wolf Lodge is the pools. For people who do not want to get in the pool, there is a TV nearby, which is great.

The surrounding area around this park is also great because the other Grapevine's Texas attractions are interesting places worth visiting as well, such as Legoland, an Aquarium, golf, live music, and even a train you can ride around the city.

Fun Texas Attractions Near Grapevine

Monday, January 23, 2012

What To Bring On A Wolf Lodge Vacation Best Water Parks

When you are planning a trip to Wolf Lodge, one of the best water parks around, you need to know what to bring. This lodge is found in many locations; and all of them are great for kids who want to have fun.   The most wonderful thing about all of Wolf Lodge's resorts is that they are indoor parks, so the heat from the sun is never a issue.


One of the most important things you will need is a swimsuit and a cover up. One of the main reasons for visiting this park is to swim, so make sure you have enough swimsuits to last.  It also helps to have a plastic bag to carry your wet swimsuits home.

Another thing well worth having at one of the worlds best water parks are swim goggles for looking at the sites underwater. You will also need ear plugs if you don't like water getting in your ears. Time sure flies when you are at his park, and if you want to stay on schedule, you are going to need a good water proof watch too.

best water park
Where is the pool

This tip is for small kids who wear diapers. Make sure you have swim diapers, because even if kids are potty trained, they still might have to go.  The lodge sells diapers, but they cost more than they do at most stores.

When it comes to food, consider bringing your own food because the stuff offered at the lodge can make your money go fast. Packing some cookies and other snacks that kids like from home, and they can eat them in the room or near the pools.

After the kids are finished swimming, you have to have something for them to do, so pack some activities for them, such as board games, books, and other items to keep them entertained when they are not swimming.

Consider bringing some exercise clothing if you plan to jog a bit during your time out of the pool. Reading material will also be great because while everyone else is swimming, a good book can help you pass the time if you do not feel like swimming. The park also has story time, so pack some warm PJs and slippers. Story times starts at 8pm in the lobby area of the lodge.  This is one of the reasons why this Wolf Lodge of one of the best water parks around.

Best Water Parks Packing Tips